Artist Lee painting

My name is Linda but friends and family call me "Lee". I have always had my interest in Art since i could start to draw as a toddler.

Art to me is a means of expression and a platform for emotion. Any age or nationality can relate and read into an art piece. You do not have to be literate or an art critique, you just need an imagination like that of a child who looses them selves in character.

I have been a photographer for 12 years prior to starting a family and this is where I developed my love of candid images and the beauty, simplicity and depth of Black & white images .

I have two beautiful girls who inspire me with their joy and spontaneity for life, especially their love of nature so there fore I dedicate my Art to them. "I live to inspire them as they inspire me". I am determined show them that Art can be created using no harm full materials to our environment. In our lives we should always find an opportunity to follow our interests and passions in life so we don t loose our spark and fire within us and hopefully make a positive difference to the world..

I would like to express statements and views of society in the very near future through my art . I believe we can all make a difference, perhaps a little kinder, more environmentally aware or even a warm gesture to someone less fortunate. Think of what kind of world we would like to leave to our children. Lets do this journey together . " Lets shake things up and Lets get this "Party started"