Supporting our Precious Aboriginal Culture

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The Noosa Information Center on Hastings street is Featuring Sevgen (Seven Generations of Aboriginal Heritage) and displaying three new Art works of mine Spirit…34cmx34cm plywood Painted purely of ocean plant pigments, celebrating honoring and learning the spirit of Aboriginal culture. $50 The Woman of Glass house Mountains…34cmx61cm plywood painted in local sunshine coast natural plant… continue reading »

Woman of Glass House Mountains

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Painting of glass house mountains

I applied an orange pigment from local fruit picked from the the Coastal line of Peregian Beach in sunshine coast. The Glass House Mountains are breath taking in real life, which are found in the Hinterland in sunshine coast, you could certainly loose yourself. Stair and loose any thought that was ever present in your… continue reading »

Part Proceeds of Art work sales go towards Indigenous youth programs

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Women of Noosa National Park

Sevgen (Seven Generations of Indigenous Aboriginal people) Is a volunteer and not for profit program running to rehabilitate indigenous youths. I am so proud to mention these passionate people who have come together to support our precious culture and have only donations and volunteers keeping it a success today. A dream, hope and healing of… continue reading »

Indigenous Beginnings Noosa River

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My Aboriginal woman looks on at what has been transformed into buildings and populated from tourism and will always be seen to her and her community as a Noosa River being untouched and although different it still remains her home. Unfamiliar in same ways but the mermaid appearance suggests she is more comfortable in the… continue reading »