Lees Art featured on Wine bottle label

Linda Letheby Paintings,Wine Label
Wine Label Art
  1. Wine Label Art
    Wine Label Art

    This painting is from my “Vintage Dreaming” series.  It was inspired and contracted by a South Australian ” multiple Award winning” Winery in the Beautiful Mclaren Vale region called “Conte Estate”  and placed on their Vermentino Wine titled “La Vida Nuda”.

This painting marked the start of the surreal and dream like collection and was titled “A Sunset Harvest”, using  acrylic on canvas.

There are 5 in total which are quiet large canvas’s, they depict the seasons of vintage and the love and passion of  wine making, from planting, pruning picking to harvesting.

These images are full of of bold colours and would look great in a bar room, games room, living room and even the kitchen and dining room. Perfect for wine enthusiasts.

I loose my self in them and having been brought up on a vineyard they evoke wonderful memories so they are very dear to me.

So raise your glass to the amazing passion and determination of all the hard working Italians that immigrated to Australia that never stopped believing in their dreams.


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