Summer Senses Collection

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In Reach in my lounge

This “Summer Senses” Collection depicts the oceans and its beauty, mystery and the emotions it reveals.

Whether its a feeling of freedom, or a feeling of what water provides for us. Such as it’s cleansing, rehydrating, nourishing, peace, calm, cooling as well as warming.  How these play a role to our physical state and then play an even more of a role in forming our state of mind.

In regards to our surroundings, I have used a colour sequence of a bold crimson red , black and grey to compliment my Painting titled “In Reach” (Please refer to the lounge photograph captured on this page). Red can represent strong passions either sensual or happiness. I then coupled the focal colour red with black which relates to a feeling of order and strong direction. To compliment both of these colours its always aesthetically pleasing to the eye to add a third colour, for example I added a soft grey, ideal to form shades associated with drift wood and the shore surroundings to capture a  coastal feel. Colours can evoke emotions in a visual sense so your decor has an impact on your daily feelings.

The Images that I created lead to more cultural meanings and representations. An example of this is the painting titled “Surf Angel”.  The female character looking out to sea holds a surf board and has detailed wings that are those of a water bird known as a cormorant.  She is an angel or spirit who holds a sense of peace and freedom. She is an indigenous woman of Australia who I created to represent the peace I hope for all Aboriginal men, women and children who passed from one life to another.

During my child care studies I have developed a strong knowledge of the Traumatic Historical issues and grown to admire the Aboriginal culture and most of all I have formed a passion to educate all people to learn to honor, respect, and understand our true custodians of this beautiful Australian Land. I am donating a portion of my sales to a newly established Indigenous Youth Program rehabilitating youths called SevGen (Seven Generations), located in Eumundi, in the Noosa Hinterland.

I urge you to open your mind and your heart and research the effects of the many injustices, abuses, crimes, forced relocations and resultant broken families (to mention just a few).  I understand the mental and physical effects still passed down and impacted on indigenous youths today.  If not directly donate to them I ask you to learn and always remember this oldest culture in the world ” our Aboriginal Community” that we are so very fortunate to co-exist with.

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