Keeping Children Safe from Bullying

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Garden Schools vision is to establish an understanding of the child’s interests, fears and then encourage a memorable & hands on experience to the teachings based on this understanding . An effort to encourage a trusting relationship by developing their interests & confidence. Our alternate School aims to make the children understand that our teachers are here to believe in them & are here to help. If a situation is causing emotional upset for a child to participate then our teachers immediately stop encouraging them to be involved. If a child  or and their carers behaviour  is aggressive, disrespectful & violent the child & parent are notified so it can be calmly communicated & understood. Solutions such as a peaceful approach & mutual resolution can be put in place.

Our philosophy is Kind hands kind hearts to others, ourselves & the environment. If it develops into an understanding & progression then their attendance can continue  but if their behaviour threatens others emotions and a peaceful safe learning space I have no choice but to calmly explain the negative effects on others and stop their attendance at Garden School.

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